about us

Where We Came From:

Our original concept began in 1989 as the original Bodybuilding Depot, simply called The Fitness Shop, a 400 square foot store/supplement outlet. It quickly tripled in size to 1200 square feet within the first year of operation. By the end of year three, the store expanded to 4800 square feet. Fast forward to 2013, in its 14th year of operation, the store once again expanded into its current 10,000 square-foot superstore location in Tori Plaza. Now, Body Building Depot is the premier fitness store in Medicine Hat, Alberta featuring both gym equipment and dietary supplements.

Where We Are Now:

Under new management since June 1, 2019, Body Building Depot is moving into the spotlight once again featuring new product lines, a renovated showroom, and a move towards summer fitness through stand-up paddleboard rentals. With the launch of our new e-commerce website, Body Building Depot will join the online shopping world and can begin shipping product to rural communities and even internationally. We have a new marketing plan in place and are currently developing a community engagement plan that will make the Depot more reachable than ever before.

Where We’re Going:

Body Building Depot has plans to open its first sister store in 2020 or early 2021, which will bring the unique style of our store to other cities in Alberta. If this endeavour proves successful, it will also launch a new initiative called Body Building Depot Express which will be licensed mini versions of our store that will focus on grab-and-go specials and smaller selections of equipment and supplements.