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    Bodybuilding Depot Fitness Emporium was created out of necessity, and designed to meet the ever-changing, fitness/Health N Wellness-based needs of the consumer. Our focus has been simple: the largest selection, the best price, backed by the most knowledge. Body Building Depot – Fitness Emporium is a great fit whether you are a working professional, a busy parent, a health conscious individual or simply want to be your own boss owning and operating the most unique, cutting edge Health and Wellness business in North America.

    Todd C. Schneider’s original concept when he started in the fitness industry in 1989 was the original Bodybuilding Depot, simply called The Fitness Shop, a 400 square foot store/supplement outlet. It quickly tripled in size to 1200 square feet within the first year of operation. By the end of year three, the store expanded to 4800 square feet. Fast forward to, 2013 its 14th year of operation, the store once again expanded into its current 10,000 square-foot superstore location.

    WHY is Body Building Depot – Fitness Emporium Right for You?

    Consumers generally have a common quest when purchasing products, especially in the fitness industry: best selection, knowledge and price, backed by the most amount of expertise. It was not by coincidence that Todd’s original store stated and tagged all advertising and branding with these concepts. His desire was to provide the best that he could offer to his customers. Thirty years later, these concepts still prove valuable and they resonate with consumers from all across North America. We are truly innovators in the industry, offering diversity not only in the products, equipment and supplements we stock and floor, but have been leaders in developing multiple streams of revenue within the structure of the Fitness Specialty industry and Bodybuilding, Health food stores!


    A major contributor to Bodybuilding Depot Fitness Emporium’s success is its unprecedented buying power. Currently, consumers are mainly driven by price. Our buying power allows us to offer consumers incredible, everyday pricing. As a Bodybuilding Depot Fitness Emporium licensee, you will benefit directly from this incredible purchasing power, allowing you to easily compete with any brand, big or small.


    Bodybuilding Depot offers a very unique combination of supplements, weight lifting accessories, strength equipment and cardio equipment. This winning combination allows you to profit from multiple streams of revenue, leaving it unlikely for a missed sale to slip out the door.


    • Low Start-up cost

    • Multiple Streams of Revenue

    • Largest Selection of CrossFit, Cardio and Strength Equipment

    • Proven marketing concepts that allow the licensee to make the most out of Seasonal Shifts

    • Purchasing power - Bodybuilding Depot’s head office currently has two fully stocked warehouses carrying over  1 MILLION DOLLARS in current inventory, which makes managing your inventory levels as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    • Our factory direct container programs offer

    you the largest possible profit margin.

    • Brand recognition, relationships with some of the largest players in the fitness industry is just one more tangible reason to choose a Bodybuilding Depot – Fitness Emporium!

    • Over 30 years of industry experience has generated some of the most powerful partnerships in the Fitness industry.


    • A desire to own your own company and ‘be your own boss’

    • An entrepreneurial spirit

    • A passion for the health and wellness fitness/bodybuilding industry

    • Financial Freedom

    We understand the sacrifices required to succeed. Success is a discipline that is based on commitment, whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, a scholar in the making or a future business owner. The common denominator must be passion and desire for success backed by a strong work ethic. If you can relate to any of the above comments, then we know Bodybuilding Depot Fitness Emporium is the right opportunity for you, with investment and license opportunities starting at $130,000 (Price includes $30,000.00 in TKO products).


    A large part of Bodybuilding Depot’s success is due to amazing customer service. Our desire is to correctly match the need of a consumer with the best product. This can only occur with a deep knowledge of the product.  Our science-based concepts directly suited to assisting the consumer are second to none, and unique to the fitness industry. Our commitment to replicating all coaching and relationship-based sales platforms is the top priority of our executive team.

    These concepts will help to enable your store to open in 60-90 days and then to flourish! This of course is after finding the best location and signing all Body Building Depot Fitness Emporium agreements.

    Direct access to our business development team is just one more tool available to help ensure your success.



    One of Bodybuilding Depot Fitness Emporium’s commitments is building relationships through community outreach. Involvement in your local community is strongly advised and supported at every possible level. Sponsorship of local sport teams and community events is important to assist in encouraging your community toward health and wellness and overall fitness.


    Location, location, location has always been at the fore front of finding the right real estate option. Purchasing any commercial real estate is always a wise decision, however if you're just starting out this may not be an option initially. It took us only four short years before we could secure our first commercial real estate location. Regardless, rest assured that our business development team will assist you in not only finding the right location, but in developing a recognizable brand layout including our distinctive color scheme. The team will offer valuable feedback to help accelerate the start-up process. All recommendations are based on our combined 50 years industry experience!


    Bodybuilding Depot Fitness Emporium should be considered in markets with a population base of a minimum of twenty thousand people, and of $35,000 median household income.

    The community should be supported by a well-defined commercial area which demonstrates a strong employment base.  In the case of smaller markets, smaller pilot stores may be considered.  Our team will assist you in choosing the right sized project for the local market.


    Bodybuilding Depot Fitness Emporium has spent the last 30 years perfecting their unique consumer/customer first health & fitness- based approach. If you're passionate about the health and wellness industry, we would love to make you one of our team members!We are looking to open stores in every major Canadian city during the course of the next 3 years. Our recipe for success will offer rapid expansion, supported by major brand recognition and factory direct buying power.


    For us, a Licensee is any individual looking for a new challenge and mindset yo join the world of fitness and supplement with the entrepreneurial desire to be their own boss.  For a low cost we will use our buying power to bring this exciting venture to your city with the compassion, expertise, and knowledge that makes Body Building Depot Fitness Emporium a fun and exciting place to work. visit and get to know!

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